About Us

Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (SPSR) is an educational non-profit organization. It is committed to encourage the study and practice of pharmacy education & research.


  1. To promote the pharmaceutical sciences in all aspects.
  2. To edit and publish, journals, conference proceedings and other publications for promoting the causes of the profession of pharmacy.
  3. To hold conferences for promoting the causes of profession of pharmacy.
  4. To contribute to programmes and services that emphasise the health needs of India and the prevention of diseases.
  5. To gather, develop and apply in practice new expertise and knowledge in the area of pharmacy and the affiliated fields.
  6. To provide a platform to discuss various issues related to pharmacy profession.
  7. To honour eminent pharmacist engaged in the encouragement of pharmacy profession.
  8. To promote and facilitate the acquisition, dissemination and exchange of pharmacy knowledge and information about the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical services
  9. To effect close links between members of the profession and to facilitate personal contact between pharmacists and students.
  10. To perform social activities to provide benefit to general public and to make them aware of various issues.


To promote and advance the science of Pharmacy and its applications in India.


The mission of the Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (SPSR) is to promote the Pharmaceutical Sciences in all aspects.